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Dairy Farm Developer®
A farm development tool for extension staff offering structured farm assessments to step-wise improve productivity and profitability for dairy farmers

The tool allows to assess the status of all relevant business processes on a dairy farm and monitor improvements over time by regular farm visits, providing targeted and prioritised advice for observed shortcomings to increase milk production, milk quality and profitability. It can be customized to specific group of farmers (cooperative, processor, country, farm type, etc) to focus on targeted KPIs.

Dairy Farm Developer ® and assessment software
A tailor-made digitalised tool to step-wise improve business processes at dairy farms with associated SOPs
Many dairy development advices are given by different experts, often one time and on one aspect, without proper follow up, and without leaving the farmer with clear recommendations what to do on his farm. Lack of structured approach for all relevant business processes, and the posibility to use digital tools has lead us to develop the Dairy Farm Developer® so advices can be targeted in the same structured manner every time.  
The tool uses pre-defined business processes, that are relevant for productivity and profitability and that can be targeted to key performance indicators (KPIs) of cooperatives or dairy processors.

Advantages of the Dairy Farm Developer®
for cooperatives/ processors:
  • Monitor KPIs on your dairy suppliers (on an individual basis and as a group)
  • Improve loyalty, confidence and credibility among your suppliers
  • Categorise your suppliers in low or high potential suppliers
  • Be more attractive for your extension staff providing modern tools
  • Uniform the farm assessments for your extension staff
  • Reduces time required to train and educate young or new staff to prescribed scoring forms
  • Simplify data management, recording and use of supplier data
  • Identify best performing employees

For extension staff:
  • Allows easy farm assessment using a standardised approach
  • Simplifies farm assessments due to prescribed scoring forms minimising mistakes or wrong advice
  • Allows to provide farmers with feasible advice for step-wise improving his particular farm
  • Allows to provide farmers with guidance materials and standard operating procedures (SOPs) which adds value to farm visit
  • Improves employability due to need to be familiar using digital tools

  • To be use with tablet or PC, also use off-line: synchronise to cloud/server with internet access
  • Ability to print PDF of completed FarmScan after farm visit with recommendations provided
  • Adaptibility to modify KPIs (Important for client/dairy processors, will be new versions)

Extra fuctions:
  • Set targets for each farm for the indicators (can be FarmSpecific)
  • Upload farm specific documents (PDF) to archive (soil testing results or other)
  • Make photos to show good and bad practices, and link to the business process and dairy farm  in question
  • Link Guidance notes, Standard Operating Protocols etc (printable) to modules and/or indicators
  • Link training materials (printable) to modules and/or indicators

Flexible software
The Dairy farm Developer® software will run on a cloud based server. It centralises dairy development activities on a common hub. The software tool can be customized to specific needs of the dairyfarm. Ask for a DEMO on info@veteffect.nl.
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