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Dairy Competence Builder®
A training tool for milk collection centers and dairy processors for developing the capacity of extension staff leading to better milk supply

The tool to improve the volume and quality of milk production from suppliers through enhancing the competencies of extension staff. The Dairy Competence Builder® is an assessment tool for the improvement of extension workers skills for dairy development. It is an online learning space, accessible to management and extension staff, designed to improve the efficiency of your dairy extension workers whilst improving their self-esteem. Milk supply will improve in volume and quality and your key performance indicators can be closely monitored.

Dairy competence builder® and assessment software
While aligning training goals with competencies can seem a daunting task, when properly approached it is relatively simple and incredibly effective. Develop targeted learning plans to address gaps and identify learning resource mapped to those specific competencies. Companies are more successful when they train their staff in a structured and coherent way that aligns with company goals and principles.

Advantages of the Dairy Competence Builder®
for management:
  • Monitor employee development (on an individual basis and as a group);
  • Assess client satisfaction;
  • Tailor training programme to reflect company’s key performance indicators;
  • Targeted learning based on performance assessments;
  • Identify best performing employees

for extension staff:
  • Access to training materials online and offline;
  • Access to competency assessments and performance through a personal login;
  • Confidentiality of personal data guaranteed;
  • Insights into personal strengths and weaknesses;
  • It improves interpersonal skill development of the trainee/employee.

  • Stores technical training materials (documents, PDFs, Power point Presentations)
  • Online trainee assessment forms
  • Online client satisfaction forms
  • Personal page and profile for each extension worker
  • Dashboard with overview of all extension staff
  • All materials are downloadable

Flexible software
The Dairy Competence Builder® software will run on a cloud server . It centralises assessment and development activities on a common hub. It can be customized to the specific need and wishes of your company. Ask for a DEMO on info@veteffect.nl.

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